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Tips to choose a perfect venue for that perfect event!

We know you can’t wait for your D-Day and are busy planning every single detail, and there is no denying the fact that a venue plays an important role in any wedding. And a wedding minus venue, well, hard to imagine right?
Wedding preparation brings with it a lot of planning and one of the most primary of them is to choose that perfect venue that will form the backdrop for all your pretty photos and a place that will be dear to you for your lifetime. Be it any event – entertainment, wedding, corporate event or a birthday party, if the venue is not befitting, you might lose the whole charm of organizing the function. Of course, cuisine, entertainment is also one of the main factors, but selecting the location dictates many choices along with influencing the experiences of your guests.
Make your event the talk-of-the-town by finding a perfect location to create that perfect memory for a lifespan. So whether you are hosting an intimate birthday party in your own city or a grand destination wedding at an exotic location, there are certain practical aspects which you must be mindful of before making your decision. After all your venue has the power to define the success of your event! Here are 5 things to consider before choosing the venue for your event:
1) Space
Arranging a big fat wedding or a small corporate event, always be sure about the capacity of the venue. The number of guests attending, the size of the function, who are the guests, everything matters while selecting the space. The venue shouldn’t be too big for a small event or too small for a big event that couldn’t fit in the guests, it should be just perfect. One must also check whether the venue has enough rooms or does it include things like AC, load in/ out amenities, technical capabilities etc.
2) Location
The venue you select for any event must be centrally located, the last thing you want is your guests’ cribbing for the traffic or the long distance they had to cover to attend the ceremony. No matter how gorgeous the venue is, it is in the back of beyond, you should strike it off from your list. Always choose a venue that is within the reasonable distance for all the guests, if you guests list consists of people from out of the town, select the location near airport or hotels. Put yourself in your guest’s shoes and make the event enjoyable not a hassle.
3) Money matters
Budget is often the main factor when considering any venue as renting any hall these days is very expensive, so one should always look for pocket-friendly locations. Get proper quotes and always negotiate over the price tags and always ask in writing what facilities and amenities they will include in the given budget.
4) Services and amenities
Apart from how the venue looks, also consider what all services and amenities the venue offer. One must always check that the place has enough number of washrooms and are squeaky clean. Also, do check if the hall has a kitchen and catering staff. Keep a check on the venue’s restriction list and be clear with those before finalizing on one, so that at the last time you don’t violate any rule in the contract. If you are organizing a corporate event, do check beforehand about the AV capabilities of the hall and does space has AC and other facilities.
5) Entertainment Needs
When selecting a venue keep in mind guests’ satisfaction. If your event is going to include music or DJ you need to consider whether the venue is a good fit for the entertainment show and what the music rules of the place are. Planning a cocktail party? Choose a venue where the music can be played untill wee hours and the sound system is great.

Always remember a successful event is based on how entertaining the event was and how satisfied your guests were. Picking the right venue is the first step setting the things right ahead and making the event memorable as possible.

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