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Simple Steps To Find And Approach Event Client

One doesn’t need a background in event planning to become an expert. If you have a knack for organizing, planning and have basic skills required to plan your own events then you can make your client’s events memorable for them.
To have the successful career as event planner you have to keep your sales funnel full of prospects so that you don’t have to endure any dry spells. This is also true that marketing and sales can be the most difficult task in running an event planning business. So, we have listed some of the methods which can be useful in finding more event clients as well as corporate events.
Friends and Family
There is the number of ways that can approach a new client by starting with friends and family. You can send them Email, drop a message, the post of your own Facebook page once every other week about your business. You can even ask your friends to share your website on their Facebook page.
Launch a Website
You don’t need a developer to have a website. Something as simple as WordPress and your own domain name is a great way to build authority. Next, list your contact information, services you offer and then be ready to direct your clients when you receive inquiries. Make your work visible by posting photos of the events you have done. Your basic website will have a few pages so to get traffic in the long-term you will need more content. Thus add a blog, topics which focus on the questions your clients have.
Social Media
Social media is a great tool to approach new clients. Partner with local restaurants or venues to post content on their social account so that you can share and market your work to reach more people. Be quick to give the response if you receive any query asked via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or any other platform. Create a strategy and be wise with your words. Make sure you do one small thing on social media once a day. If you are marketing on social media then remember to choose the same Company name on every platform.
Local Media
Host a local event that you organize for newspaper writers, bloggers, and the media. This way you get a chance to show off your skills, build relationships with the media. Along with that give them something fun to do and get the word out about your business. Another way is that you can offer event or wedding services for free to well-known writers or bloggers in your town. They will write or share their experience with everyone in their circle.
Word of Mouth
The old saying, “Word of mouth is your best advertisement”. People tend to trust personal recommendations more than ones featured online. In the event planning world, referrals play a major role. To get more referrals, you will need to build a solid business. For that try and always give them something to talk about. For example; set up an employee holiday party for a local business. Do a great job and make a client happy. But if you hire a comedian to perform a show then that is something people can talk about.
Bottom Line
You have to learn to promote yourself if you want your event planning business to grow. We hope that these steps will provide some good ideas to get you more clients.

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