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Aum Model & Artist Management

Are you an artist looking for a big break in life? We can elevate your career to new heights! At Aum Events we have the necessary expertise in model and artist management services which can turn your dream into reality. We keep adding new touches to make it more special and we strive hard to bring world of opportunities at your feet.

We have decade long experience working with versatile artists, collectors, art consultants and successful art studios across the globe at various level of their careers helping them meet dynamic challenges. We offer full model and artist management services and our solutions are comprehensive as well as tailored to client’s needs.

What services are included under this?

Our services include: Audition in All Over India, Bollywood Casting, acting as Actor’s Agents in India, tie ups with Modeling Agencies for Indian Actress Model, Glamour Models, fashion model, music video model, etc. Also included is the casting for TV Host, TV Commercial, Catwalk, Cover Magazine, TV Serial, Art Photography & Entertainers.

How do you work?

Owing to in this industry for several years, we have significant contacts within the entertainment industry. We aim to connect you with the best deal and contract that will accelerate your career to new heights.

What kind of artists do you work with?

We work with artists of various genres like actors, models, singers / musicians on the local as well as international level.

So, get in touch with us and let us craft your dreams. Don’t just get seen, be seen out in the real world with the help of Aum Events.

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