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Promoting anything is a big business and with buyer-empowered world, it becomes all the more important to seize the any opportunity to form relationships, breed goodwill and earn the trust of prospective customers. We help brands looking for effective tools for promoting new products and establishing media presence.

We have developed a range of services with years of experience and that helps us in delivering the brand influence our client desires that can further help them leverage sales and maximize ROI. The various activities forming part of our services are mall promotions, society promotions, in-shop demos, tele calling services, road shows via mobile display units, mobile canters, kiosks installation, hoardings, outdoor signage, public relations activities and more.

If you want the promotions to be more than just a staged advertisement for your brand, we are the right person to guide you. Our team will thoroughly understand your goals and craft solutions that have a lasting and powerful impressions of everything that your company delivers. It will help you make your customers make a purchasing decision while also connecting with your brand. Whether it is a themed exhibit or presentation for promotion of a product or service or some activity encouraging in-person engagement, we make the process hassle-free. We believe in result-oriented solutions.

Our dedication and zest for events and promotions has positioned us as a reliable partner in the market for promotions at various scales. We have a highly capable team of event promoters, along with the other staffs that cater to services like vehicle and fleet management, everything under one roof. We ensure best fabrication of the stage, backdrops, projection screens, sets, signages, canopies, exhibition stalls, visual, light and sound solution and more.

We set out with the motto to offer unique promotion ways and ideas to our clients to suit their brand and products/ service in a well-budgeted manner. Our solutions revolve around offering four important results:

  • Branding and Awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Engagement and Upsell
  • Education

It is important to think about details, the execution and the results to be achieved as a result of any promotional activity. Incorporating a strong theme and being creative is imperative to success. We help to create a cohesive look and offer a seamless brand experience.

Do you want to create a presence that compels the audience to make a purchase? Are you passionate about promoting and up for creative ideas? Then let's discuss how Aum can make it happen together for you!